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Another one for the history books; SRR beats Alexandria 38-36 by Anna Saldana

11 2nd Ave N, Unit 103  |  Sauk Rapids, MN  56379

   The Sauk Rapids-Rice Storm football team put another game in their record books Oct. 13 as they faced the Alexandria Cardinals. 
   The 38-36 overtime victory marked the first time SRR has beat Alexandria since 2010. 
   “This was the best win I’ve ever been a part of,” said Braden Tretter, wide receiver for the Storm. “I’m so proud of our offense, as we have been struggling to put up points most of the year. The offense took initiative and went and got it done. The defense accepted the challenge, just like they do every week. Overall, I can’t be happier with this overtime thriller.” 
   The Storm put up 30 of their 38 points in the first half of the game on several successful offensive plays. One of the biggest plays was from the Storm defense – a 70-yard fumble recovery return from Nathan Waldorf. On
   Offensively, SRR did everything right, making big plays, scoring touchdowns and two-point conversions one after another. Camdin Carlson-Mathies received for two longer passes – a 13-yard and a 53-yard pass, both from Cade Milton-Baumgardner. 
   It was Waldorf that had the biggest game though, receiving for 116 yards. 
   “Our quarterback threw balls that I could make a play on and that’s all I can ask for,” Waldorf said. “We played a great game on both offense and defense. We came into the game prepared and we did our jobs. It was a big section win for us that gives us a lot of momentum going into playoffs.” 
   Some of Waldorf’s biggest catches were 35 yards and 27 yards out from the line of scrimmage. 
   SRR started their scoring off early in the first with a four yard pass and a two-point conversion, followed by a two yard run. In the second quarter, the Storm added two more touchdowns and two two-point conversions – a four yard run and a 10 yard pass. 
   The SRR offense slowed down in the second half, but fought for the victory as the game entered overtime with a tie score of 30-30. On the first play of overtime, a 10-yard pass was thrown for the touchdown and a two-point conversion followed directly after. Alexandria responded with a touchdown, but was stopped by Jerad Schlichting on their two-point conversion attempt. 
   “I didn’t really know if the play was going to come my way or not,” Schlichting said. “I just read my key and made the play. I did my job.” 
   SRR faces Hutchinson on Wednesday, Oct. 18 to wrap up their regular season play. 

SR 14-16-0-0-8
   A 0-6-8-16-6
   Stats: Passing – Milton-Baumgardner 209 yds, 2 TD; Tretter – 10 yds, 1 TD. Rushing: Carlson-Mathies 62 yds, Welch 35 yds, Bates 17 yds 1 TD, Milton-Baumgardner 16 yds 1 TD, Tretter 9 yds. Receiving – Waldorf 116 yds 1 TD, Massman 28 yds, Carlson-Mathies 24 yds 1 TD, Tretter 21 yds, Schloe 13 yds, Storms 10 yds 1 TD, Welch 7 yds.