Petal it forward

Shoppers surprised with
free bouquets of flowers

By Ellarry Prentice| STAFF WRITER

SAUK RAPIDS – Oct. 20 was Petal it Forward Day in Sauk Rapids.
Coborn’s Floral distributed free flower bouquets to shoppers at the new Copper Pony on the corner of Benton Drive and Second Street. Each person received two bouquets – one for themselves and one to give to someone special.

Floral designer Georgia Hallman and floral clerk Haleigh White distributed 200 bouquets. Remaining bouquets were given away Oct. 21 at Coborn’s store in Sauk Rapids.

Petal it Forward was introduced in Sauk Rapids last year. The mission of the “take one, give one” community outreach is to spread sunshine and goodwill.

The cheer project was sponsored by Lenbush Roses of Plymouth, a Coborn’s Floral vendor. The colorful, fragrant bouquets included lilies and mums.